The ease of use

Easy to use email - Created for you

What should the perfect webmail client offer? It should definitely render easy to use email. GMX, with your tight schedule in mind, has increased its usability even more. Email usability is what you expect while using a webmail client. Intuitive design simplifies your daily tasks – become more efficient and save more time! Your email is right here!

GMX email - Usability at the highest level

Why should you use GMX webmail client? Of course, it’s easy to make email but, moreover, we stand for email usability. For your comfort, the GMX team has developed a drag & drop function. This easy to use email makes you faster! A new way of attaching files, organizing appointments in your calendar or reviewing your address book has been designed with you in mind. What else? GMX allows you to send large files attached to your email. No more warnings about your attachment exceeding the limit!

It's easy to make email at GMX!

It is just a matter of few quick steps to write and send a message to your friend. GMX easy to use email meets all your needs as a webmail client. You can also take advantage of many useful features like an online calendar or sending big attachments. You are just a few steps away from your new email, which is so easy to use. Email, which will provide you more time for your family, hobbies or activities you always wanted to do but you never had time for. Enjoy the GMX - easy to make email!

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