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Jasmine Sanders contours her nose to give it a 'lift'

Jasmine Sanders contours her nose to give it a 'lift'

Jasmine Sanders contours her nose to give it a "lift".

The 25-year-old model - who is currently dating 34-year-old actor Terrence Jenkins - has admitted she applies a darker shade of powder on particular areas of her face, including the bridge of her nose, to give the illusion it is perkier than it truly is. Speaking about her beauty secrets in a video with, the brunette beauty said: "Hey guys I'm going to get ready to go to the beach.

"Today, we are going to use MAC [concealer], get the beauty blender wet.

"Quickly go through my brows [with a brush and Brow Pomade]

"To bring out the cheekbones, a little bit on the forehead and jaw line [I contour]. I feel like if you pinch the brush a little bit you don't have a smaller brush you can use. I put a little bit here [across the bridge of my nose] will just lift your nose up the tiniest bit.

"Then I'm going to go in and use this [a highlighter]. And I like to put it here on my cheekbones, down my nose, on my cupid's bow and a little on my chin."

And the fashion muse - who is nicknamed the Golden Barbie on social media - has admitted she has a particular method to create the illusion of a fuller pout with just one single cosmetic product.

In the clip, which has since been shared to her Instagram account, Jasmine applied lip liner in a web on her lips.

She said: "If I want to make my lips look a little fuller. I go in here [centre of the bottom lip] and then I follow it putting a line [on her lower lip near the corner] and here [in the middle of the top lip, and as a triangle from the peaks of the top of the cupid bow to the middle] to [make my lips look wider]

"Then Banana Powder, BB Beauty Blender, this will allow your concealer to last a lot longer."

Jasmine then finishes her beauty routine with a setting spray with glitter to add a "little dewy shine" to her bronzed complexion.

She said: "I'm going to use clear brow gel, then Mac spray. I always forget the name so I always go in and ask for the one with the glitter, a nice little dewy shine to it."

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