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Safer Firefox with MailCheck!

  • Faster website loading

  • Safely surf the internet
  • GMX MailCheck included
firefox with mailcheck

Great features for more fun surfing the web:


Fast. And really good.

Save time and do everything faster than before.

Install for free

firefox with mailcheck included

MailCheck included

Quick access to your GMX and mail.com inboxes and many others.

Install for free

firefox sync between android smartphone and tablet

Synchronise with your devices

Whether Android smartphone or tablet – All of your bookmarks are saved across devices.

Install for free

Mozilla Firefox download

Mozilla Firefox download

  • GMX homepage: Quick daily news and updates
  • GMX MailCheck: Quick access to your inbox
  • GMX Search
  • All add-ons are tested and authorized by Mozilla

Smart address bar

Mozilla autofill feature helps you find your favourite websites, even if you don't remember the URL.

Bookmark button

With just the click of a button, you can view and manage your bookmarks. Long, complicated searches are a thing of the past.

Password manager

Once you log in to a site you can choose to save that password and Firefox will take care of the rest.

Practical add-ons

Firefox supports many add-ons which can help customise and optimise your internet use.

Mozilla Firefox:

This download is based on the most recently released version 85.0 of Mozilla Firefox. Technical issues with the software cannot be completely ruled out. Mozilla Firefox runs on Windows 7 and newer. Mozilla, Firefox and the Firefox logo are registered trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation.