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GMX Email App for Android Device

Android Email App: Smooth and easy experience

Android email app is full of useful features

Your email account is easy enough to access on your laptop, but what if your computer isn’t switched on or you’re out and about and need to send an important email? The Android email app from GMX is the answer. Download the free email app now and stay connected wherever you are.

The mail app with everything you could ever need

The GMX Android email app enables you to read, write, and send emails no matter where you are. It’s also possible to use it on a tablet as long as the operating system is Android. The free app is intuitive and easy to use, so it won’t take long before you’re fully familiarised with it and all the great features it has to offer. These include:

  • Fullscreen mode, pinch to zoom, and other useful features
  • Advanced encryption security technology (TLS,SSL)
  • Secure access with PIN protection mode
  • Fingerprint lock function (Android 6 only)
  • Easy to share folders, photos, and videos in the cloud
  • “Quiet time” mode for no distractions
  • Free and simple to operate
  • Access to all email accounts including Yahoo, Outlook, and Gmail
  • Compatible with all Android devices

The email app is fully optimized so you’re only a few swipes away from your inbox, address book, or whatever you want to access on your mobile device. Another advantage of the Android email app is that you can take screenshots in order to record important information, as well as being able to send attachments (up to 50MB) without needed to compress them first. With all your email accounts in one place, it’s so much easier to have an overview of everything.

Customise the email app to your liking and stay secure

Not everyone likes the same things so it makes sense to have an app that can be customisable so you personally get to decide how it should look and what it should do. You can customise how you receive and send emails in the “accounts setting” tab. The mail app notifies you when you receive a new email, but you’re able to turn notifications off if you wish. You can choose the ringtone you prefer or stay subtle by setting it to vibrate to notify you if an email comes through. The mail app also enables you to change your email signature through it so recipients have a better idea of whom they’re conversing with.

Security is paramount nowadays, which is why GMX allows PIN creation for peace of mind. This means that only those that know the PIN can access your email app, meaning no unwanted access. Spam filters are also featured to keep undesired junk mail out of your inbox, and antivirus tools scan your mails to keep them safe.

GMX values its customers’ opinions

We take user feedback very seriously so it’s important to let us know what you think about our email app. We can’t improve and customize our apps to your needs if we don’t know what you like and dislike. So this is where you come in: after you’ve downloaded the free email app, leave us a review in the Google Play Store and let us know what you think. It could be that you have some suggestions of how we can make our existing apps better or maybe there’s a new app or new features that you would like us to offer in the future?

Alternatively, you can also contact us using the online contact form on our website or through the “settings” tab in the GMX app on your mobile device.

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