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iPhone Email App: Ultimate Convenience

iOS email app packed with great features

For anyone who has ever wanted the perfect email app for iPhone, your search is over! GMX is proud to introduce an application that lets you check your mails on the move and stay connected to friends and family wherever, whenever. Customisable, free, and easy to use, pick up this iPhone email app for iOS and enjoy emailing like never before.

The only mail app you'll need for iPhone

The GMX iPhone email app has everything you require to read, send, and draft emails on the go. Also available as an iPad app, you can enjoy a powerful, fast, and useful app that you can use to check mails at work, during your commute, or simply when you have some free time and need to respond to your messages. Requiring iOS 8.0 or later to install, take advantage of this email app and make use of these amazing features:

  • Get push notifications to ensure you're always on top of emails
  • Access to your normal GMX email account on a mobile phone
  • Free, simple, and well-designed
  • Customise the look to your preference
  • Back up files in the Cloud
  • Read daily news on the app
  • Strong security protocols including PIN protection
  • Use the Mail Collector to access several email accounts in one app
  • Available on iPhone and iPad

Whether at home or on the move, navigate through your email account with ease when using GMX’s iPhone email app. Download it for free today and log in to discover all the incredible features available to you.

Organise your life with an iOS email app

Just like the regular GMX webmail version you may already be familiar with, our iPhone mail app takes care to provide serious data protection. You'll get safety in the form of spam filters and antivirus measures to ensure that your emails are secure. You'll also be pleased to discover that the interface is seamless and uncomplicated, meaning that you can move emails to specific folders and mark any unwanted mail as spam. Many apps talk the talk, but we walk the walk, as GMX places a convenient and intuitive email app right in the palm of your hands.

If all of the above wasn’t enough, you can enjoy the GMX Cloud feature, which lets you store files safely up to 2GB. You'll also have the option to share photos, documents, videos, or even music with your contacts with our free iPhone app. Make sure you benefit from being able to send large files on the go with our generous 50MB attachment limit on emails – far more than any other email provider. Having to send separate emails or compress files is a thing of the past!

With compatibility for the iPad and iPhone, get a reliable email app you can trust, so you never miss an email. With push notifications, an intuitive design and easy login, GMX provides the best customisable iPhone email app that simply lets you check mails on the go and live your life without hassle. Download the app on whichever iOS device you prefer (from iOS 8.0 or later) and quickly see how your stress drops and efficiency increases when you can communicate so easily with this mail app.

An email app for you, by you

GMX provides the best possible email service for our users across the board, whether that's with webmail or with our iPhone email app. We want to keep improving our apps and ensure they meet the highest standard of quality, which is where you come in. Your feedback will keep us informed of what elements in the app you like or dislike, and even any additional features that you'd love to see in a future email app for iPhone. In short, if you've got something to say, then we want to hear it! You can download the app and leave a rating at the official iOS App Store. You can also leave feedback in the 'Settings' tab of the app and get assistance from our helpful team at GMX Support. The iPhone mail app keeps you in the loop when on the go.

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