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Sean Dyche doesn't think clubs need pre-season for return to action

Sean Dyche doesn't think players need a full pre-season to prepare for a return to action.

The Burnley manager insisted the Premier League clubs will need to "accept a short window" to return to fitness if the current season is able to be completed.

He told BBC Radio 5 Live: "If the players have to accept a short window to get fit and sharp to get ready, then I think they would accept it.

"I would certainly accept it... We are telling the players 'look, we feel there is a strong chance this is going to start again and when it does we have to be mentally and physically prepared to go'.

"The idea they are going to have a real pre-season is out of the window. I think players are a lot fitter and healthier these days. They look after themselves a lot better, so you can ramp up the training quicker."

There has been no Premier League football for five weeks, and currently no date has been set for the season to continue in any form.

Dyche added: "One way of a level playing field is not playing any games. Saying you have to work on your own training grounds and we all go into it slightly cold. Because if you start having pre-season games, there is obviously a risk of spreading .

"There is a possibility they could advise you 'have three weeks and within that period you can have in-house games', because that is another three weeks without mixing with other teams. It's only a thought."

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