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Ford finds 46 per cent of Brits don't want to buy an electric car

A new study by Ford has found that 46 per cent of Brits have no interest in buying an electric car.

As part of their consumer education roadshow, Go Electric, the carmakers are demystifying the confusion around electric vehicle technology.

The study also found that 21 per cent of Brits will likely not consider an electric vehicle for the next five years.

Among the reasons for not wanting to make the switch to electric, were a lack of affordability (53%) and worries about where to charge up (51%).

What's more, 43 per cent said they don't known enough about the technology to consider purchasing an electric or electrified vehicle.

Ford has created Go Electric, an interactive experience, to teach consumers more about CO2 emissions, the future of local Clean Air Zones, vehicle charging methods and finding the right vehicle for their lifestyle.

Technology presenter Georgie Barrat has also explained some of the biggest myths about electric technology in a video preview of Go Electric.

She said: "Technology has always been something that excites me but I totally understand that not everyone is at the same stage on their journey. For me, it's all about making things easy for anyone to understand. There is no need for fancy language when something instead can be made simple to grasp. That's why I was so excited to work with Ford on the Go Electric campaign and help make electrification accessible to everyone!"

Andy Barratt, Managing Director at Ford of Britain, said: "While the move to electrification is gathering pace, there's no mistaking that this is a huge task ahead of us that will require fundamental efforts to ensure consumers are taken on the journey, and the first step is understanding what their options are. Our roadshow will help demystify electrified vehicle options for all of our customers and give them all they need to make the right choice to fit their lives."

To learn more about electrification and find out when Go Electric will be back on tour head to or go to any Ford dealer for full information on Ford's electrified products.

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