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Drones begin delivering post to remote Orkney island

Drones are being used to deliver post to remote Orkney islands.

A large, twin-engine drone has begun carrying mail between Kirkwall and North Ronaldsay as part of a two-week trial by Royal Mail to help better connect remote island communities.

The drones can carry up to 100kg of post on the 35-mile journey, and with the drones travelling at 90mph, the trip takes under 20 minutes.

Once the mail arrives at North Ronaldsay - a community of about 70 people - it is delivered in the usual way by a local postal worker.

Royal Mail is hoping the new method will not only help connect more communities, but also reduce carbon emissions.

And if the trials – which are being run by Windracers Ltd – are successful, the technology will be considered by Royal Mail to support deliveries to remote areas across the UK.

Drones, also known as Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), can fly in poor weather conditions, including fog, and don’t have to contend with tides like boat services do.

This means people in remote locations are more likely to get their mail delivered on time and more regularly, as they don’t have to worry about the weather delaying their post.

North Ronaldsay postwoman Sarah Moore told BBC News: "It's really exciting to be involved in this trial. North Ronaldsay is a very remote area of the UK and I'm proud to be involved."

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