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Walmart launches TV shopping channel with Roku

Walmart is launching a TV shopping channel with Roku.

The American supermarket - which was founded back in 1962 and has almost 5,000 stores across the United States and Canada - is teaming up with the streaming giant in an attempt to "connect" with customers and make their shopping journey more convenient.

Walmart chief marketing officer William White said: "We’re working to connect with customers where they are already spending time, shortening the distance from discovery and inspiration to purchase. No one has cracked the code around video shoppability. By working with Roku, we’re the first to market retailer to bring customers a new shoppable experience and seamless checkout on the largest screen in their homes – their TV."

To purchase goods, users can simply hit the 'OK' button on their remote control during a Walmart ad which will take them to the virtual store before checking out and completing their order with the pre-saved Roku Pay app.

Roku head of TV commerce Peter Hamilton said in a statement: "We’re making shopping on TV as easy as it is on social. For years, streamers have purchased new Roku devices and signed up for millions of subscriptions with their Roku remote. Streaming commerce brings that same ease and convenience to marketers and shoppers.

The new deal comes just days after the retail giant - which sells everything from groceries to tech and fashion - claimed that it was outdoing rival Amazon in terms of "omnicommerce."

Data head Mark Hardy told Business Insider: "Walmart really encompasses the full range of options that we as consumers today face in the marketplace. Amazon does not have that presence across the omnicommerce world that Walmart does."

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