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Chinese university send out AR offers

A Chinese university are using augmented reality (AR) on their offer letters.

The Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi An, Shaanxi have redesigned their offers of a place to study at the education establishment to include an augmented reality bit that shows the recipient a virtual model of the university.

In order for the person to accept their offer from the university, they have to download the NPU Augmented Reality app and scan the letter on both the front of the back. This will make the virtual model pop up as they tell you all about the history of the place as well as the facilities they offer for their students.

There is also specific places to scan to find out more about the aeronautical, astronautical and marine engineering departments, which is what the university is most famous for.

Xie Dan, admissions office deputy director at NPU, said: "Although the admission notice is just a piece of paper, the carefully embedded AR technology serves to show a cutting-edge temperament and a sense of pride.

"The introduction of the school's history and discipline characteristics demonstrates a spirit, which makes the admission notice an exclusive gift to students. AR technology makes admission information to move, opening the door to innovation."

Lots of companies are keen to offer augmented reality, with one being Apple, and its CEO Tim Cook previously revealed he is so excited about Apple's AR plans that he wants to "yell out and scream".

He said recently: "I think it is profound. I am so excited about it, I just want to yell out and scream."

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