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Sony unveil RX0 camera

Sony have unveiled a compact underwater camera.

The multinational company designed the Sony RX0 - which is just 5 x 4cm in size - to help "facilitate creative photographic and videographic expression beyond current limitations".

They shared: "Designed to facilitate creative photographic and videographic expression beyond current limitations, RX0 is equally adept at shooting still images, filming video or can be used as part of a multi-camera set-up to create an inspiring series of images, videos and super slow motion footage from a multitude of different perspectives. Its miniature dimensions and all-around versatility maximise freedom to tackle photographic and videographic challenges in new ways, always with the assurance of high quality results.

"Weighing just 110g and measuring 59mm x 40.5mm x 29.8mm, RX0 redefines how small and light a premium compact camera can be. It can be used as a standalone camera for capturing photos or videos in any shooting conditions including the rain, underwater, or in sandy or dusty environments and is equally adept as a part of a multi-camera setup to shoot subjects from a variety of different viewpoints."

Not only is the RX0 waterproof but it can also stand drops from two metres and 200kg of weight.

They added: "RX0 is waterproof at depths of up to 10 metres and when used with the new MPK-HSR1 Housing, can be used down to a staggering 100 metres depth. It is shockproof when dropped from up to 2 metres and crushproof to 200kg / 2000N, making it durable enough to withstand shooting in difficult situations where traditional cameras simply cannot go. Users can now produce content that simply has previously not been possible and the rain, sand and space-limited or dusty environments are no longer a barrier."

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