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Honeywell unveil windowless war truck

Honeywell's new windowless "war truck" could be used by troops one day.

The US company have unveiled their truck, made particularly for war zones, that allows the soldier to navigate using augmented reality.

It can be applied to all different types of military vehicles on the ground and works by using an internal display to give a look at the outside world, unobstructed by the dirt and dust of the desert. The cameras mounted on the roof collect the images, which are then put together by the computer and displayed inside the vehicle, allowing for the lack of windows.

Brian Aleksa, a senior manager in advanced technologies at Honeywell Aerospace, said: "We can put any information on the visor that helps improve the situational awareness of the driver. We displayed speed, heading, and position for the field trials. We can display any symbology that helps the operator effectively complete his mission - all within the driver's field of view."

Trials have been undertaken on the truck off-road and they have been very successful, according to the company. They revealed that a driver - who regularly races vehicles - went from describing the whole experience as "nerve-wracking" to intuitive near enough straight away.

Speaking about the successful trials, Aleksa added to Wired: "We created an experience where the drivers quickly became confident with the system and trusted it to drive at speeds that exceeded our expectations on a rigorous off-road course."

The plan for Honeywell now is to add infrared and thermal scanning into the vehicle, allowing for the user to be equipped with all they need for use in the war zone. The team are also working on making sure these vehicles can stand up to the tough nature of war.

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