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Google announces new changes to iOS app

Google has announced new changes to its app for iOS.

The search engine revealed they are letting users discover and share information more fluidly across iMessage and the Google App itself, The Verge reported.

Google now supports a new iMessage extension that will allow users to search for and share things like videos, businesses and more when messaging each other.

Although the feature is currently only available in the US, the new development will be spread across the world to other iOS users.

Google is also working on building the related content feature it introduced last year within the app for iOS.

The ability to discover related content now works with any browser on a mobile device which means if a user is on Safari, they can choose to have Google show suggestions for related content without having to do a new search.

This news comes just months after the technology company unveiled a string of optimised apps for the likes of Google Assistant, YouTube, Google Maps and Gmail, which is far smaller in size and also consume less data than the traditional app.

Google shared on their blog page: "We've redesigned many of our popular Google apps to address local needs.

"Preinstalled on Android Oreo (Go edition) devices, this set of optimised apps includes Google Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Gboard, Google Play, Chrome, and the new Files Go app by Google.

"With our new and reimagined Google apps, we've focused on making them not only smaller, but smooth and fast too.

"For example, Google Go - a new app to find the information you want - optimises data by up to 40 percent, weighs less than 5MB in size, and makes it faster to find popular and trending information with a simple, tappable interface.

"And with the Google Assistant for Android (Go edition), you can quickly send messages, make calls, set alarms, and more with your voice and a single touch of the screen."

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