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Toddler's first word is 'Alexa' after Amazon assistant

"Alexa" was the first word spoken by a toddler after he became fascinated with the voice-activated digital assitant.

Joe Brady from Gateshead in the North East of England was entranced by the Amazon Echo smart-speaker, and stunned his parents Lottie Ledger, 21, and Mark Brady, 22, when he began trying to talk to it.

Joe first said, "Alexa" shortly after his first birthday and was delighted when he managed to get the virtual assistant to speak back to him,

Joe's mother Lottie told the MailOnline: "He actually said 'Alexa' before he said 'mum' or 'dad'.

"It was one of the few things he could get a reaction from.

"Alexa would say, 'Sorry, I didn't get that', and Joe would laugh and laugh.

"One day he managed it. We thought it was funny at first so we encouraged it.

"It was weird because it took us ages to work out what he was saying.

"Then he started running towards it, trying to activate it and we realised."

Joe is now 18-months-old and has varied vocabulary. He first encountered Alexa at his grandparents' home.

Alexa was launched in 2014 and can play music, set alarms, order online shopping and report on the weather. At least 20 million of the devices have been sold since its release.

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