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Tidal streaming through Amazon Echo speakers

Tidal subscribers can now stream music directly to an Amazon Echo speakers.

Jay Z's own streaming service - which launched in 2014 and boasts over 48.5 million tracks - has been designed with the goal of giving listeners hi-fidelity audio, and they have promised sound quality matching those of CDs.

As reported by Tech Radar, the streaming platform is now the first of its kind to make sure of Amazon's MUsic Skills API.

This initiative lets certain services add in support for Alexa themselves, rather than relying on Amazon to enable the support which is what companies like Deezer and Spotify did in the past.

As well as a Tidal subscription, users wanting to connect the service to Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Plus devices will need to enable the dedication Alexa skill.

Unfortunately for those users hoping to get hi-fidelity audio through the speakers, the Echo's hardware limitations mean it can't actually support the FLAC 'Masters' tracks.

That said, these are only available to Tidal Hi-Fi subscribers, so Premium users will still get to listen to the curated playlists in lower-res AAC format.

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