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Instagram bosses tackle fake comments

Instagram bosses are working on tackling fake likes and comments.

The photo sharing app has announced a new initiative that will target fake likes and comments, to prevent accounts from using third-party services and apps to artificially boost their popularity.

According to the BBC, any accounts found violating this new rule will be warned against their behaviour and told to change their password.

Instagram hopes the initiative will benefit real online influencers, who get paid to promote products to their large social media followings.

Payment for these promotions is often scaled by the size of the influencer's online audience, but with the ability to artificially boost a user's likes, comments, and follower counts, it's easy to become a fake influencer.

Several apps which boost Instagram followers have already been shut down, but others that require a monthly subscription fee to use are still active.

These services often require users to hand over their private log in information, and so Instagram's request that violating users change their password is set to lock the bots out of people's accounts.

The firm says people who continue to use third-party apps to fake activity "may see their Instagram experience impacted".

They say the move is "just another step" to keep Instagram "a vibrant community where people connect in authentic ways".

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