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Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot feature can change lanes automatically

Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot feature can now change lanes automatically.

The car manufacturer has confirmed that while the default setting requires the service to be manually enabled and lane changes have to be confirmed, it's not set in stone.

In a lengthy blog post, Tesla explained that there will be three additional settings - Enable at the Start of Every Trip, Require Lane Change Confirmation and Lane Change Notification - featured in the Autopilot settings menu.

The post read: "Through the Enable at Start of Every Trip setting, Navigate on Autopilot can be set to automatically turn on each time a driver enters a navigation route.

"Once enabled, anytime a driver is on a highway and uses Autopilot with a location plugged into the navigation bar, the feature will be on by default.

"If a driver selects 'No' to Require Lane Change Confirmation, lane changes will happen automatically, without requiring a driver to confirm them first.

"Drivers can elect to get notified about an upcoming lane change by receiving an audible chime as well as a default visual prompt. Additionally, all cars made after August 2017 will also have the option to have their steering wheel vibrate for the alert as well."

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