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Vine's successor app is now in beta testing

The new Vine app is now in closed beta testing.

The newly updated version of the short-form video platform, now known as Byte, is beginning to becoming a reality for the 100 people who have been invited to join its closed beta test, almost two years after Vine's co-creator Dom Hofmann began teasing the successor, then known as Vine 2, in December of 2017.

Dom confirmed the news in a tweet, which read: "the byte beta we've been running with friends and family *feels* exactly like the vine friends and family beta, down to the weird but appealing randomness of the videos. that'll change as we expand, but it's a pretty good sign (sic)"

As of the time of writing, there's no release date for the new app, which comes over two years after the original Vine - which first launched in January 2013 - came to a close in January 2017.

Vine was hugely popular with teenagers, who posted six-second video clips to the site, often in the form of short comedy sketches.

Since its closure, Chinese based app TikTok has taken over the short-form video market, with many users taking to the app to create similar content to Vine, or to lip-sync to short clips of songs.

And although he isn't giving too many details away about Byte just yet, Dom told TechCrunch he knows his new app won't win against TikTok with the exact same playbook Vine did when it faced an open field, and it must bring something unique.

The publication claims Dom "is a big fan of TikTok, and sees it as one evolutionary step past Vine, but not in the same direction as his new app."

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