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Microsoft 'demonstrated Surface hardware to employees'

Microsoft has reportedly started demonstrating Surface hardware inside the company.

The tech giant is said to have held an even for the its devices team to show a video hyping the new devices, and dual-screen prototype hardware.

As reported by The Verge, there were even long lines of workers keen to get a closer look at the exciting new product.

The company has been working on a dual screen device - which was given the code name Centaurus - for a couple of years, and it has been developed with the aim of being a hero device for a range of dual screen tablet/laptop hybrids.

Previously Mircrosoft had been looking into a smaller product - codenamed Andromeda - but they stopped work on the "pocketable" model in favour of the Centaurus.

Although the Surface team has very rarely opted to show off hardware to this degree inside the company before an official announcement, it's said this is part of a move away from such secrecy.

It suggests a launch shouldn't be too far away, and it could even be unveiled within the next six months.

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