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Google Earth made available on more browsers

Google Earth has been made available on other browsers besides Chrome.

The innovative computer program - which renders a 3D representation of Earth based primarily on satellite imagery - had previously been restricted to the Chrome browser, but has now been made available to consumers on platforms such as FireFox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

However, the program still remains unavailable on Safari.

In a new blog post, Google explained: "We still have some work to do. Namely polishing our experience across all these browsers and adding support for Safari."

Google previously said that Earth would support Safari - provided Apple provides better support for WebGL2 in the browser.

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Google announced it was shutting down its Station program.

The tech giant is ending the global service - currently live in Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, the Philippines, Mexico, Thailand, India, Vietnam and Indonesia - which offers free Wi-Fi across over 400 railway stations in India and over 5,000 worldwide.

Google explained the decision to end the service - which was first launched in 2016 - was taken after the company found it difficult to scale-up and make the feature a sustainable model.

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