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COVID-19 makes us want to travel again

Over half of people booked a future holiday during the coronavirus pandemic.

A study by has revealed that 58.6 per cent of people decided to book a future trip whilst in lockdown due to COVID-19, with over three quarters (76.7 per cent) of people revealing they had a trip booked for the next few months of 2020.

And when it came to their reasons for travel, over two fifths of people (41.5 per cent) want to travel to see their family, whilst only 21.8 per cent say their next trip will be for business or study purposes.

And with COVID-19 meaning we have to find new ways to travel, nearly 30 per cent of people said they preferred virtual travel now over real travel, whilst over 50 per cent of people admitted they will have to tighten their travel budget after the coronavirus pandemic.

Their report read: "Airfare sales have dropped significantly since the outbreak. Due to the drop in demand, airline companies had to make a move fast. This is why you'll notice that there's an average of 14 per cent drop in US airfares since the first week of March. Even though people are highly advised to stay at home, 723 (69.2 per cent) of the participants stated that they are encouraged to consider traveling in the upcoming months of 2020 because of these price drops while 322 (30.8 per cent) aren't encouraged at all."

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