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Bangkok is the best city for business travel

Bangkok is the best city for business travel.

Asian cities including the Thai capital, Guangzhou, China and Singapore have been named the best cities to handle business travellers' demands as they have affordable hotels, car rentals and cheaper food costs.

Writing about the top three cities, they shared in their report: "The capital of Thailand is the best city in the world for business trips as it's the only city to post top 10 rankings in six different categories. The average hotel cost in Bangkok is $130.58 making it the seventh least expensive. In addition, there are 538 hotels in the city with a total of 89,212 sleeping rooms to rank eighth in both categories. In 2017, there were 833,082 flights in and out Bangkok to place ninth in the category.

"Coming in at number two is the capital of Spain with top 25 rankings in five different categories. Madrid is home to 384 hotels with a total of 41,534 sleeping rooms to finish 15th in both categories. The city offers one of the most affordable food costs with an average of $81.87 for three meals, including drinks and desserts. If you're traveling to Madrid, your arrival and departure are very likely to be smooth as the on-time percentage of its airport stands at 87 percent to rank 22nd.

"Capping off our list of podium finishers is the Chinese city of Guangzhou, buoyed by top 20 rankings in five different categories. Food in the Chinese city is one of most affordable. For three meals with drinks and desserts, business travellers spend an average of $73.57 to place seventh. Accommodations are also cost-efficient as a hotel room costs $133.11 on average to come in 10th. The number of hotel rooms in the city is one of the highest in the world at 56,382 to rank 12th."

Whilst Eric Noe, Editor-in-Chief at, who compiled the list, added: "We were surprised to find that six of the cities on our list are located in Asia. Asian cities offer business professionals the most affordable hotel, car rental, and food options. In contrast, only two U.S. cities made the top 10, and in fact, most American cities fell to the bottom 50."

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