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Chinese travellers love tech

Chinese travellers look for easy ways to pay on holiday.

Nearly two thirds (59 per cent) of Chinese holidaymakers look for places which accept WeChat payments whilst 57 per cent want other China mobile payment platforms to be accepted. And 44 per cent of people rate public WiFi and restrooms as an important part of it.

It was previously revealed that Chinese travellers have spent 40 per cent more on their holidays this year.

Writing in the foreword, Nelson Allen, General Manager of the Asia Pacific edition of the brand, shared: "Over the past seven years, the economic and social changes in China have been dramatic. Every year more and more Chinese residents travel overseas. In 2017, there were 130 million outbound tourists, 7 per cent more than in 2016 and 85 per cent more than in 2011, when we first published CITM. Chinese travelers have benefited this year from a rebound in the Chinese economy and strong results from stock markets in mainland China and Hong Kong. This has put more money in the pockets of Chinese travelers through increases in both salary and non-salary income. In addition to having more to spend, travelers have increased the amount they spend on travel by 40 per cent this year, compared with last year. The increasingly influential millennials are spending unprecedented amounts on travel, with those born after 1990 increasing their travel spend by 80 per cent this year."

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