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Travellers want bags delivered

Over half of travellers would like their bag delivered to their final destination.

A study by the International Air Transport Association has found that 51 per cent of people would love to have their luggage delivered by their airline to their final destination - hotel or homestay, for example - as long as they were able to track it.

Millennials are keen to get out and explore as much as possible and ideally want it to take just 30 seconds to drop their bags off at the start of their journey and just five minutes to collect bags the other end. Online check in is also important as well as electronic boarding passes and notifications throughout the journey using an app.

And for those that are over 55, they would prefer getting notifications through SMS or text message and for an agent to drop off their bag and look after their boarding pass after they've boarded the plane. Those over 55 also prefer to be told face to face by a person if their journey is delayed for whatever reason.

Self-service bag drops are becoming increasingly popular now and 68 per cent of people gladly accept this whilst 16 per cent of people would love to see their baggage handled by either a robot or a drone.

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