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Jetlag is one of the biggest irritations for holidaymakers

Jetlag is one of the biggest irritations for travellers.

Holidaymakers say one of the most annoying things about going abroad is the big time differences having an effect on their sleeping pattern.

And 27 per cent of people admitted that disrupted sleep patterns due to being in a new environment were frustrating whilst 28 per cent of people get annoyed that they lose time when they are flying due to the time difference.

Sleep expert Dave Gibson said: "Whether short or long-haul, long-stay or short-stay - travelling takes its toll on the body and mind. Regardless of journey time or destination, sleeping somewhere different to home is enough to disrupt your sleep. Our body has an internal clock, our circadian rhythm, which manages our sleep-wake cycle. Of all the environmental drivers of sleep including temperature, sound and food, light has the biggest single influence on our body clock. Simply, when we travel - this natural cycle is disrupted and it can lead us to becoming less productive - which is not ideal when we're travelling for work.''

Whilst Brian McGuinness, IHG's senior vice president of global guest experience, added: "With so many travellers experiencing sleep disruptions when they're on the road, we want to do everything possible to make sure our guests at IHG Hotels & Resorts have a restful sleep while staying with us."

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