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Booking flights early now has no financial penalty

Booking flights early now has no penalty.

It had been the case in the past that customers who wanted to get a head start on their holiday bookings will now see no financial disadvantage in booking their travel ahead of time as prices seem to remain fairly constant until a certain time before travel.

For those wanting to head to Europe, it is best to buy more than 200 days before travel whilst for those heading to Asia, it is 160 days. Similarly for the South Pacific - which includes Australia - it is 186 days and 199 and 196 days respectively for Africa and the Middle East.

And for travellers to the United States, it is recommended to book no less than 76 days before to achieve the best price with that figure at 80 days for nearby Mexico and 115 days for Canada. CEO, Jeff Klee, said in a statement: "The biggest takeaway in this year's study is that buying early is no longer a bad strategy. Airlines seem much more likely to open a flight up for sale with some pretty good fares out of the gates. That means travellers aren't forced to pay higher fares anymore if they want the luxury of booking early to nab the best times and the best seats."

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