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Employers prefer candidates who have travelled

Employers like candidates to have travelled around the world.

Professor Michaela Rankin, Deputy Dean at the International at Monash Business School, says businesses prefer to hire people who have seen more of the world as not only are they "respectful of different cultures" but they also have a "global perspective".

Rankin said: "Cultural competence refers to our ability and willingness to be open to different cultural perspectives, and to ensure people of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds feel included, safe, valued and heard. It extends beyond just being respectful of different cultures. Culturally competent individuals are aware of their own world view; have gained insights into different cultural practices and world views; have a positive attitude towards cultural differences; and have developed skills to interact and communicate across cultures. People who can approach everything they do with a mindset of inclusivity are incredibly valuable for the workforce as they encourage those around them to follow suit.

"It is one thing to read about an experience and quite another to live it. We use the term 'global perspective' a lot at Monash Business School and it's something that can really only be understood once it's been experienced. Being able to witness for yourself how other cultures and communities function, broadening communication skills and learning another language gives students invaluable perspective and provides context to how business, politics and economy work on a global scale. Having 'lived experience' as well as academic credentials makes you a much more appealing employment prospect. When comparing apples with apples; an apple with a global understanding of culture and business is going to be more appealing."

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