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Airbnb launch Antarctic sabbatical

Airbnb are looking for volunteers to join them on an Antarctic sabbatical.

The online marketplace - which arranges or offers lodging, namely homestays, for its guests - are on the hunt for five volunteers to join them in Antarctica.

They wrote on their website: "Be one of 5 volunteers to join environmental scientist Kirstie Jones-Williams on a first-of-its-kind scientific expedition investigating the presence of microplastics on the most isolated continent on Earth - Antarctica.

"As a Citizen Scientist, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to real scientific research on the impact humans have on the environment. Over the span of a month, you'll work as a team, collecting and analysing snow core samples to determine if microplastics have made their way into the interior of the continent. These findings could help change public policy surrounding how we use plastic and how to properly dispose of it. If it's a success, this expedition could lead to more studies on how to better protect this unique ecosystem and our planet as a whole."

And environmental scientist Jones-Williams has outlined her ideal candidates.

She said: "The science itself that we're doing isn't enough. Actually, one of the biggest threats to our sort of natural environment isn't necessarily the lack of information that we have ... but it's more the disenfranchisement that can occur with policymakers and apathy and eco-fatigue. One of the main things is to get a bunch of people that can take the messages that we learn back to their respective countries ... It is hard to work in cold environments so people that ... perhaps work well under pressure, work well when they're tired, that's actually quite key and to actually ask questions, and people that are really hungry to get as much as they can out of this experience. It's really people that kind of respect the scientific process."

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