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Sarina Wiegman: Women will soon be coaching men's football teams

Sarina Wiegman: Women will soon be coaching men's football teams

Sarina Wiegman believes it is only a matter of time before women are coaching men's teams in professional football.

The Lionesses coach has been tipped as an outsider to replace Gareth Southgate as manager of the England men's team but she thinks it is inevitable that female managers will take up posts in the men's game.

Wiegman, who led England to glory at Euro 2022, said: "In football, it's still the question of can a female coach a male team?

"I think in every sector females are in higher positions, so that's a little bit strange [it isn't in football].

"I think a female can coach a men's team. My thoughts are not there. I am just really happy in the role I work in now and I am really enjoying it.

"And, as you say, sometimes I think when I see it, it is so personal, also with men in the men's game. I think, how much fun is that?

"We know Corinne Diacre coached a men's team in France and more females also in Italy coached men. I think it is a matter of time and I think when first one happens it will be really big - but I think then more will follow.

"When I was a little kid I was not allowed to play football as a girl, but now everyone says, 'Oh why not?' Hopefully in 20 years we say, 'Why did we think females couldn't coach males?' Hopefully that will change quickly."

Wiegman has written the book 'What It Takes' - which details her life as a coach and how she gets the best out of players- and doesn't think her direct nature should be mistaken for rudeness.

She said: "Clarity of how we want to play, how we want to treat each other, clarity on performances, that's key to improve. There's no grey area. Direct doesn't mean rude.

"We should not confuse those two because you don't have to be rude to be clear; you can also be nice and kind but saying what you see and think. We all want to perform at our highest level, then you need to give honest feedback."

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