Share files in the cloud

Free file sharing with GMX is easy

Share your cloud files with GMX

  • Share images, documents and more with others using GMX Cloud storage

  • Experience online file sharing through your PC browser or through the app
  • Ensure that files are available to share any time, any place
Share files in the Cloud

Sharing files online - no attachments

By now, we’re all in agreement: sending large files as email attachments is impractical and often doesn’t even work, due to overcrowded email inboxes or provider restrictions.

Don’t worry though, we have the solution: You can easily share your files through your personal cloud storage! Whether it’s PDF documents, photos or videos, free file sharing is easily set up with your GMX Cloud account using a share link. It’s up to you whether the recipient will be able to view, download or even add their own files to your cloud account.

Secure file sharing is possible directly through the GMX Cloud app!

Online file sharing through the cloud

Advantages of free file sharing

Secure file sharing – photos & documents

Share folders easily with others

Extended shares in the GMX Cloud

Share photos online for free even faster, and let your recipient share their own material in return with a simple share link. You’ll be able to share experiences and create amazing photo albums in no time.

And don’t forget – you can still control and manage access to your files at any time by assigning a PIN or restricting sharing time.

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