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GMX Mail app

For those who love to work on the go and never miss a notification, the free GMX Mail app on Android, iOS, and iPadOS is the solution for you. Create a free new email account fast and discover a great way to send emails on your phone or tablet.


Don’t worry about hacking or malware with our advanced security features



Keep clear from malicious emails and ensure your privacy on all devices with GMX antivirus security.

spam filter

Spam filter

The GMX spam filter blocks annoying spam emails from reaching your inbox.



Keep your account protected with a secure password.



The encrypted PGP email feature can be used to make sure your emails are private.

More options to enhance your GMX email experience

These tools can improve the way you email

email storage

Email storage

Never be concerned about storage space again with email storage up to 65GB – this equals half a million emails.



Get the attachment space you deserve and send large files up to 50MB.

Alias addresses

Alias addresses

Alias addresses give you more flexibility for a company account. Create up to 10 aliases and manage everything from one mailbox.



The MailCheck browser extension can be installed on Fire‌fox or Chr‌ome and provides useful notifications.

Mail Collector

Mail Collector

GMX Mail Collector lets you sort emails from different accounts into one location. This also works with accounts from other providers.

Filter Rules

Filter rules

Organise your inbox the way you like it by creating your own filter rules or use the templates made by GMX.

Bonus features provided by GMX

Create a new email account for free and make use of all these great options



The highly secure GMX Cloud gives you more storage space and lets you access important files and images from anywhere in the world.



Use our Contacts feature to ensure that all your vital email addresses are saved.

Online Office

Online Office

Create and edit files in Wo‌rd, Ex‌cel, and Po‌werPoint using Online Office – work from any device at any time.



Get essential reminders and add appointments using the helpful GMX online calendar.

GMX Search: instantly find what you need

Comprehensive search

Effortlessly retrieve important emails, files & more

GMX has created a sleek search solution that lets you easily scan your entire email account to find a specific mail or file in the blink of an eye - no matter where they are kept in your account. With the instantly accessible search bar in the top right-hand corner of your screen, you can simply type in a relevant search term and immediately select the result you need from the displayed suggestion list. On top of that, it is also possible to make a quick Goo‌gle search from the navigation bar without having to leave your GMX email account.

Assistance with setting up your GMX email account

Our support pages will guide you through your account setup

First steps in the mailbox

Are you completely new to GMX?

Set up an email account with GMX and modify it the way you like.

Go to the First Steps

Mails, Cloud & Co. migration

Migrate your old accounts to GMX

To migrate old emails, online appointments, and even contacts, make sure to use our Migration Service with your new GMX account.

Go to the Migration Service

Help & Contact

Help & Contact

Answers to your questions can always be found in our GMX Help Center.

Go to GMX Help


Is it simple to create a free new email address with GMX?

The first steps of creating a GMX email account are very easy and straightforward! If you follow these seven steps to make your account, you can immediately begin using all the email services and bonus features GMX provides.

  1. Select create an account, which is found in the top right-hand corner of your menu bar.
  2. Pick a GMX email address, like your full name or company name, for example. Click 'check' to see if your chosen email address is available to use. In the event that your preferred email address is taken, GMX provides you with similar alternatives.
  3. Type in your gender, name, country, state, and date of birth.
  4. Now it’s time to pick a complex password. This means that it should contain at least eight characters, one uppercase and lowercase letter, a symbol, and a number. If your password is secure enough by GMX standards, then the password bar will turn green and you can continue.
  5. Choose a backup recovery option in case you forget your password. You can include your mobile phone number and/or a secondary email address. These details will remain secure and are only used when password recovery is necessary.
  6. Prove you’re human by typing in the Google security captcha form.
  7. Read the terms and conditions before selecting 'agree'. Now you’re done!

Is it possible to format emails?

You can use a variety of interesting formatting options, such as emojis and different fonts and colours. Click the ‘more’ button next to the emojis for further formatting possibilities. You can also create a personalised e-card and insert your own image and text with 'GMX Stationery'.

Is it easy to organise my emails?

The best way to sort your emails is to make your own folders and choose filter rules so that emails from particular senders and certain subjects will be sent to a designated folder. Make use of the ability to drag and drop emails into the folders you’ve just made. If you want to remind yourself to view an email or edit something later in the day, then mark it as a ‘favourite‘ by clicking the yellow star near the subject line in your inbox. Discover more info on how to manage folders.

Can I encrypt my emails to keep communication private?

GMX provides an encrypted PGP email feature, which means you can encrypt any email so that your message is private, no matter where it’s sent across the world. The content and any attachments in the email will be transformed to what is essentially a code consisting of unreadable letters and characters – only the recipient(s) with the decryption key can see your message once converted. Learn more about email encryption.

How can I keep my mailbox secure?

Once you create a new email account for free with GMX, all your messages will be protected with spam filters, virus and malware scanning, as well as the fact that your data is secured in Europe, according to strict European data protection standards. Our security help page provides more tips on protecting yourself against hacks, spammers, phishing emails, and keeping your password safe and secure.

What is the GMX webmail service and what are the benefits?

The GMX webmail service grants you access to your email account without the installation of a mail client program. It allows you to manage all your emails, contacts and appointments not only on all your devices but also on any other devices you may have access to. With webmail, you don’t have to worry - no matter where you are, as long as you have Internet access, using your GMX email account is a sure thing. The great advantage of our webmail service is the possibility to send and receive emails and use all the GMX account features anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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