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Using a secure email provider is an important part of keeping your data and personal information safe while online.

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email encryption

Choose to encrypt your emails

Emails that include sensitive content, like doctor’s notes and contracts, can be further protected with end-to-end email encryption. GMX gives you the option of adding this extra layer of security to each individual email. GMX uses the PGP (short for “Pretty Good Privacy”) encryption procedure to safeguard your emails and their contents. Free to activate and easy to use on either your PC, smartphone or tablet, encryption is one of the things that makes GMX one of the most secure email providers on the market.

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Tips to keep your mailbox secure

GMX’s email security advice

Be careful when opening attachments

Beware unsolicited attachments

Take care not to open mail attachments from senders you don’t recognise. These may be trying to infect your computer or other devices with malware. If you’re ever in doubt if someone actually sent you an email, check with them first prior to opening any suspicious mail attachments.

Training spam filters

Fight against spam

Don’t let spam take over your email account. Use the GMX spam filter and filter rules to train your mailbox to detect and filter out spam.


Take care you don’t fall for phishing traps

Any emails you receive that urge you to enter your personal information, or even your username or password should be ignored. These are often “phishing” emails masquerading as adverts or normal emails, but that try to steal your passwords and data.

Create a strong email password

Essential for email security


Your password is one of the most important parts of maintaining a secure email. It practically serves as a “master key” and prevents unauthorised people from gaining access to your emails, contacts, personal data, and cloud files. That's why your password should always be as strong as possible. You can achieve this by using a combination of upper and lower case letters, special characters, and punctuation, for example.

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How to keep your devices secure

Use these tips to keep your PCs, smartphones, and tablets safe!

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