GMX Search

  • Enjoy quick email search function, even in the GMX Mail App

  • Search for the information you need from the web right in your mailbox
  • Install handy tool for internet search through your Windows taskbar

Are you searching for emails or contacts in your inbox? Trying to find information on the internet? GMX has the powerful search tools you need! We offer several options for your search depending on what kind of information you are looking for and the system you prefer to use.

gmx inbox search

1. Search your GMX account

Find emails, addresses and more

Are you tired of scrolling through your inbox and email folders to find a certain email or contact? Why not use GMX Search instead? Inbox, Sent Emails, Drafts, Trash, Spam and all your other folders: This effective tool quickly scans your entire GMX account. It couldn’t be easier: just click the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of your account, type in your search term, and click "Search".

gmx browser search

2. Use GMX to search the web

Search the web from the GMX homepage or your account

It is also possible to use GMX Search to look for something on the web! There is a handy search bar that you can use right at the top of the GMX homepage. And once you are logged into your GMX account, you can click the same magnifying glass icon you use to search your inbox and type in your internet search term. Clicking on the web search result will take you right to an integrated search results page, where you will find all the information you need. You can also customise the search settings.

gmx mobile app search

3. GMX Search for GMX Mail App

Search your inbox in GMX Mail App

The GMX Mail Apps also feature a search tool so you can quickly locate specific messages. Search for emails as well as addresses, senders or subjects. Tap the magnifying glass icon and enter the term you are looking for, and suggested results will automatically appear as you type. Now you just have to tap on the email you’re looking for to open it.

gmx search for windows

4. GMX Search for Windows

Install web search tool for taskbar

GMX Search for Windows is a search tool located in your taskbar that you can use to search the web directly. One you have performed the easy download and installation, you will no longer need to open a new browser tab to perform a search. Instead, you can simply input your search query and get your results with a single click.

Download for free

You can install GMX Search for Windows in three easy steps:

Save the file gmx windows search

Step 1: Save the file

When the GMX_Search_Windows dialogue window appears, confirm you want to save the file.

gmx windows search initiate installation

Step 2: Launch installation

Find the installation file by clicking the download symbol in your browser.

gmx windows search installation

Step 3: Installation

Confirm the installation of GMX Search for Windows and follow the instructions in the installation tool.

Frequently Asked Questions: GMX Search for Windows

Why should I use GMX Search for Windows?

Here are five compelling reasons why you should consider using GMX Search for Windows:

  1. Save time searching the web directly through your Windows taskbar
  2. Fewer advertisements are displayed
  3. Your usual browser settings will remain unaltered
  4. All internet searches are encrypted
  5. You can uninstall GMX Search for Windows at any time

What is GMX Search for Windows?

GMX Search for Windows is a downloadable search box, located in your taskbar, for searching the web directly. This way, there’s no longer any need to open a new browser tab or window just to start a new search. Simply type your query into the search box and you’re off in just one click!

What are the advantages of using GMX Search for Windows?

  • Your internet searches will be faster since you are eliminating the unnecessary step of opening a new browser or tab.
  • Helpful search suggestions will make finding information even quicker.
  • A website can be found directly by typing the URL into the search box (e.g.
  • There is an option to search the web in private mode, which is important for those who place great importance on privacy. 

Will GMX Search for Windows make changes to my browser settings?

No, GMX Search for Windows does not change any of your browser settings. Your standard browser settings, custom browser homepage, and so on, will remain as they are.

Which system software and browsers support GMX Search for Windows?

GMX Search for Windows is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. It also works on all popular browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. Even older computers can support GMX Search for Windows.

What does "Private Mode" mean?

In searching in private mode means any searches you do will not be saved in your browser history. This is important if you share computer with family or friends, and don’t want them to see your search history. This is especially useful for keeping research for Christmas presents away from prying eyes!

How can I uninstall GMX Search for Windows?

You can uninstall GMX Search for Windows in the same way as any other software on your computer:

  • In the task bar‘s search box, type in Control Panel and select it option from the dropdown results.
  • Select Programs > Programs and Features.
  • Rightclick on "GMX Search" and select Uninstall or Uninstall/Change.
  • Follow the instructions