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GMX Search: Instantly Find What You Need

Use the Search function to effortlessly retrieve important emails and files

Is a cluttered inbox slowing you down? Not to worry. We know how hard it is to navigate through hundreds of incoming emails every day, and that’s why GMX has created a sleek Search solution. Identify the mail or file you need in seconds, so you can focus on more important matters.

What does the Search function provide?

With Search, you can easily navigate your entire GMX account to find a specific mail or file at a moment’s notice. With the instantly accessible search bar, you can simply type in a relevant search term and immediately select the result you need. No more endless scrolling and no more wasted time. To ensure GMX Search offers the best results every time, the function offers a cross-service search: comb through your online calendar, cloud files, contacts and email accounts to search for pictures or documents you urgently need. For instance, rather than having to open up your Cloud and look through all of the items kept there, you can simply search a document name with one click in the homepage navigation bar. GMX takes the search function one step further, however, by fully integrating Google’s own search capabilities. Look something up while browsing through your account, without ever having to worry about switching browser tabs or work environment.

Can I search emails and other types of file in my account?

With GMX Search you are able to instantly filter through documents and files no matter where they are kept in your account. Whether you are trying to find a picture, search an appointment, or quickly reply to a specific email, you are now taken straight to where you need to be within seconds. What’s more, to ensure minimal hassle and wasted time, the Search function helpfully categorises your results into the different areas of your account: GMX Account, Contacts, Organiser, Cloud.
All you need to do is simply click the relevant option and you will be taken directly to the results for that GMX service. This is a priceless feature for anyone who has multiple files, appointments or contacts all saved under similar names in different locations.

Using the GMX Search function couldn’t be easier. With its intuitive design and clear results presentation, you’ll have the files you need at your fingertips with just one click. To make a search, first log in to your GMX account and head to the ‘Search’ button in the top right-hand corner of the page. When you click this, a navigation bar will appear: enter the name of the person or file you are looking for. If, for example, you want to search an appointment, try entering the location or person with whom you are meeting into the dialogue box. From the results menu that appears, you can then identify the correct appointment listed under the “Organiser” category. Don’t forget, you can even make a quick Google search from the navigation bar, too!

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