GMX Cloud

The cloud storage service from GMX

GMX secure cloud storage benefits

  • Immediate remote access through your smartphone app

  • Easily share files and photos online with friends and family
  • Secure backup of your images and files
GMX Cloud

Combine your GMX Mail and Cloud in one!

Access your GMX Cloud storage through your browser, or the GMX Mail app. No matter which option you choose, you can:

  • Edit files while offline
  • Ensure automatic backup for all your photos and videos
  • Share photos and files with friends and family online
GMX Cloud App

What is the GMX Cloud?

The GMX Cloud is available for free to all GMX account holders. You can easily access your files online through the cloud – anytime, anywhere. Plus, the GMX Cloud comes with extra advantages:

Constant remote file access

Whether you’re out and about with the app, or comfortable at home with your laptop, you will have constant access to your files in the cloud at all times.

Share files online with others

Huge email attachments are a thing of the past. Simply share folders and files online through the cloud for others to view or edit.

Backup your photos and documents easily

The cloud is an ideal storage location for all the files you want to keep safe. Using the cloud makes backing up important files online automatic and easy.

What is a cloud?

Put simply, the 'cloud' is a collection of web servers, which provide storage for your files. The servers are connected to each other to ensure that data loss is avoided even if there are disruptions to the network or data centre.

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What is a ‘cloud’ or cloud storage?

‘Cloud’ is the term used to describe a network comprising of several servers that are synced together. When you transfer files to the Cloud, they are stored on web servers and are then accessible online. 

This principle ensures a high level of reliability because the server connection can compensate for any disruptions. You can access your file storage throughout and are protected against data loss.

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