GMX Contacts

Your email address book for digital organisation

  • All your important contacts in one place

  • Accessible from anywhere anytime
  • Integrated filter and search function for easy use
Address book for e-mail contacts

The GMX Contact feature in a nutshell

The GMX Contacts function provides a secure centralised place for all your online address book needs and is included with every GMX email account. With a simple design and an easy-to-use interface, the GMX Contacts function is suitable for everyone – from tech experts to novice users alike. For the ultimate streamlined email address book, GMX has made it as easy as possible to add, delete and edit contacts – knowing how quickly one can gain both professional and personal contacts in the real world. For those with a particularly large number of contacts, the email address book provides various ways to handle them without getting overwhelmed. With the searching, favouriting and filtering functions, you can rest assured that you will not lose track of your online contacts again. Not only that, but with the built-in malware protection, your important contacts remain safe from viruses, spyware and malicious malware, and all data remains for your eyes only. For those that take full advantage of the digital world, and utilise various third-party applications and different operating systems, the email address book provides advanced cross-compatibility for all your digital needs.

Your nifty address book

Discover all its benefits

Simple operation of the GMX address book

Time-saving usage

With GMX Contacts you can now write emails and manage contact data even faster: all contacts are directly available for emailing, editing, printing and grouping with just one click.

Set individual view in address book

User-friendly design

The clear and compact layout helps you navigate your contacts effortlessly. You even get to choose in which view your contacts are displayed.

Contact details are safe in the address book

Secure storage of contact data

GMX ensures that all contact information in your online address book is safely stored in European data centres – just like your photos in the GMX Cloud or emails in your mailbox.

The address book is also available on the go

Contacts on the go

The GMX Mail app for Android, iOS or iPadOS, lets you synchronise your contacts with your mobile devices so you have them with you – anywhere, anytime.

GMX Search: Instantly Find What You Need

Comprehensive search

Are you trying to find an important contact and search for an appointment all at once? Try GMX’s sleek Search solution! You can easily navigate your entire GMX account to access whatever it is you need, at a moment’s notice. To ensure GMX Search offers the best results every time, the function offers a cross-service search: comb through your GMX Organizer, Cloud, Contacts and Emails without opening each application individually.
To make a search, first log in to your GMX account and head to the ‘Search’ button on the top right-hand corner of the page. Click on it and a navigation bar will appear, enter the name or keyword of whatever you are looking for and select it from the results menu. GMX takes the search function one step further, however, by fully integrating Google’s own search capabilities. Look something up while browsing through your account, without ever having to worry about switching browser tabs or work environments.


How to set up the GMX address book for email?

The GMX Contacts feature is located under the 'Contacts' tab on the menu bar at the top of your GMX account. The online address book can be easily set up by beginning with adding contacts. In order to do so, follow the below instructions:


  1. Open your Contacts and click on the ‘New Contact’ button.
  2. On the menu on the right-hand side, enter the new contact’s name, email address, and any other relevant information.
  3. When complete, click ‘Save’.


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