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GMX Online Address Book

Digital organisation with GMX Contacts email address book

The GMX Contacts email address book is a simple way to add some extra organisation to your email account. For business purposes or personal use, there is no better way to maintain an overview of all your digital contacts. With a simple design and an easy-to-use interface, the GMX Contacts function is suitable for everyone – from tech experts to novice users alike. Learn to add, delete and edit contacts in no time, as well as search, filter and favourite contacts for maximum efficiency. For those that take full advantage of the digital world, and utilise various third party applications and different operating systems, the online address book provides advanced cross compatibility for all your digital needs.

What is GMX Contacts?

With an increasing number of people scrapping their handwritten notes, old diaries, and tatty-looking address books in favour of more practical solutions, a large part of our communication is shifting to the digital arena. Although, for some, it is difficult to let go of the printed past, having one up-to-date location for all your contacts is a major relief. The GMX Contacts function provides a secure centralised place for all your online address book needs, and is included with every GMX email account as well as a free online calendar.

For the ultimate streamlined email address book, GMX has made it as easy as possible to add, delete and edit contacts – knowing how quickly one can gain both professional and personal contacts in the real world. For those with a particularly large number of contacts, the email address book provides various ways to handle them without getting overwhelmed. With the searching, favouriting and filtering functions, you can rest assured that you will not lose track of your online contacts again. Not only that, but with the built-in malware protection, your important contacts remain safe from viruses, spyware and malicious malware, and all data remains for your eyes only.

How to set up the GMX address book for email?

The GMX Contacts feature is located under the Contacts tab on the menu bar at the top of your GMX account. The online address book can be easily set up by beginning with adding contacts. In order to do so, follow the below instructions:

1. Open your Contacts and click on the ‘New Contact’ button.
2. On the menu on the right hand side, enter the new contact’s name, email address, and any other relevant information.
3. When complete, click ‘Save’.

The capabilities of your GMX email address book

The most basic, yet essential, feature of your email address book, is the adding, editing and deleting of your online contacts. This has been made as simple as possible, affording you the freedom and flexibility to manage your contacts however and whenever you like. The Business Card function makes it even easier to add someone to your GMX Contacts. Within your online address book, you will find your own personal Business Card. This can be edited at any time and can be attached to your emails, allowing other GMX users to add you quickly and easily to their own GMX Contacts list.

For organisational purposes, the filtering, favouriting and searching functions are key to your online address book. From the search bar, users can search contacts within their email address book based on certain elements of their name or email address. The filters allow users to determine which contacts or groups are shown based on certain criteria such as groups, favourites or birthdays. Favouriting a contact can be particularly useful if you have a select few contacts that you contact regularly. By simply clicking the star symbol beside a contact, you can add the contact to your favourites list, and search by favourites any time you want.

Using GMX Contacts with third party applications

GMX Contacts allows for the cross-compatibility that any modern digital tool requires. It can be synchronised with any app that supports CardDAV standard. In order to synchronise your contacts from iOS, simply add a CardDAV account in your settings. For Android, you will require the GMX email app in order to sync contacts. When importing contacts to your email address book, the following formats are supported:

  • .LDIF (e.g. Thunderbird)
  • VCF (digital business cards)
  • Windows contacts (.CSV)
  • Outlook 02/03/07 (.CSV)
  • Outlook Express (.CSV)
  • Outlook 98/2000 (.CSV)

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