The GMX app

Manage your emails from anywhere

  • Access your email account on your mobile device

  • Plenty of useful features
  • Save space by storing photos in the cloud
GMX app

Versatile and convenient mail with the GMX Mail app!

Introducing the GMX Mail app

For those who need access to their emails while on the go, the mobile app from GMX provides the ultimate solution. Not only is it completely free, it’s reliable, convenient and secure, too. You’ll be able to manage your email accounts with ease and on nearly any device, no matter the operating system. The GMX app makes it happen. 

Special features included in the GMX app

Just like the browser version, the GMX Mail app is free, secure and easy to use. But that’s not all that makes this app shine. 

Download the GMX app and enjoy these great features: 

  • Compatible with nearly any tablet or mobile phone device, for Android, iOS or iPadOS operating systems
  • Free to download and use – just log in using your GMX email address and password
  • Notifies you when new emails arrive 
  • Easy and intuitive user interface 
  • Lets you integrate multiple email accounts in one app 
  • Add an additional layer of security by using a four-digit PIN (optional) 
  • Encrypt emails you send and receive (optional) 
  • Automatically upload photos and videos to the GMX Cloud, available for iOS, iPadOS and Android devices


Benefits of the GMX Mail app

App easy to use


Intuitive and easy to use with just the touch of a finger. Constantly updated and optimized for you.

Secure server

Very safe

Secure European severs are used for storage, plus many more security features.

Push notification

Never miss an email again

Know when you receive a new email with push notifications.

PIN Protection

Protection with a PIN code

Activate a 4-digit PIN code for an extra layer of protection in case your mobile phone or tablet is lost or stolen.

Share photos

Share photos & more

Share photos and individual files with others for a desired period of time using the GMX Cloud.

Email push notification

Push notifications

Mail app push notifications will let you know when a new email has arrived using a sound, vibration or LED display.

GMX Mail app

Many useful features

Let us know what you think!

It’s easy to let us know what you think about the GMX Mail app. Simply rate the app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. This helps us improve the app and continue to develop helpful features that our users will love!


With which operating systems can you use the GMX Mail app?

Use the GMX Mail app on Apple iPhone and iPad devices, as well as Android devices. 

What are the benefits of using the app?

The app ensures top-notch security thanks to the app’s regular updates that improve its usability and security, as well as the options to use email encryption and a personal PIN. Setting up and customising the spam filter is also simple on the GMX Mail app. The app is easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface design. 

How safe is emailing with the app?

The GMX app prioritises your security and offers additional security features you can add to make your account even more secure. Activating a four-digit PIN and email encryption helps to protect your data and privacy. Plus, all of your data is processed in secure European data centres and complies with strict GDPR. 

How can I download the free GMX Mail app?

What do I do after I have installed the GMX app?

Once you’ve installed the GMX Mail app on your device, you’ll need to log in to your account using your GMX email address and password. This will give you mobile access to your GMX account and all of your contacts.

Is it necessary to log out after every time I use the app?

You don’t need to log out after each use. Staying logged in lets you access your emails easily, which is what makes the GMX Mail app so convenient. 

Tip: Use 4-digit PIN protection! 

To keep your emails secure and protected, especially in case your device is lost or stolen, activate the PIN protection option on the GMX app. This means a 4-digit PIN will be required to access your emails. It’s much more convenient than logging in and out every time! 

How can I add PIN protection to my account?

Activating PIN protection is easy. Just go to ‘Settings’ on the GMX app, and click on ‘PIN protection’. Enter a 4-digit PIN of your choice and enter it again to confirm it. That’s it! Every time you want to access the GMX Mail app, you’ll be asked to enter this 4-digit PIN code, meaning only you will have access to your emails on your device.  

I have multiple accounts. Can I manage all of them at once on the app?

The GMX Android Mail app, as well as the iOS and iPadOS app, all let you manage multiple GMX email accounts simultaneously. You can add all of the accounts using the ‘Add Account’ option. 

Are email notifications also included on the app?

You can choose the type of push notifications you receive: via sound, vibration, or LED lights. You can also mute these notifications for a certain time period whenever you wish. 

How can I turn on email push notifications?

The GMX Mail app comes with email notifications automatically enabled. To disable this feature, go to the app settings. However, deactivating notifications is not recommended. When you don’t want to receive push notifications, you can simply activate a quiet period instead, in the app settings. 

How does the automatic photo and video upload work in the GMX app?

When your Apple or Android device is connected to Wi-Fi, your photos and videos will be synchronised with the GMX Cloud automatically. This helps you to save space, stores your photos and videos securely and makes them available to you in case your device is lost or stolen. 

What can you do with the GMX Cloud in the app?

The GMX Mail app not only lets you check emails, but also gives you access to your personal GMX Cloud with all your folders with photos, videos, music, and your important documents. This means you can upload new files and photos to your cloud and create new folders as well, directly on the email app. 

How do I add more email accounts to the GMX Mail app?

You can do this by integrating your multiple GMX email accounts into the mobile app. You’ll just need to activate the email account in the app once. This one-time registration is done using the additional account’s GMX email address and password. To add another account to the GMX Mail app, go to ‘Menu’ > ‘Edit Accounts’ > ‘Add Account’.

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