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How do you create a GMX email account?

  1. On the GMX homepage, click on ‘Sign Up’ in the top right corner.
  2. Choose a name for your account, and fill out the personal information in the online form.
  3. Choose whether to have phone and/or email verification for your account.
  4. Complete the reCaptcha to verify your identity.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions, and click ‘Create Account Now’.

Why choose to create a GMX email account?

There are so many email providers out there to choose from these days, so what makes GMX’s email account stand out? Many free email account service providers entice customers with their lack of fees, only to provide a bare-bones service that doesn’t meet the customers’ needs. This is not the case with GMX, which makes us an appropriate choice for anyone, regardless of what the email address is being used for.

Get access to an account jam-packed with extensive features, such as:

Alias addresses

Alias addresses

Create up to 10 email aliases within one account.


Attachments size

Send files as big as 50 MB.



This browser add-on grants you account access with just one click.

Email storage

Email storage

Store up to 65 GB worth of emails.


Highest security standards

Our antivirus , spam filter and encryption solution keep your emails safe.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps

Use our intuitive apps and manage your emails on the go.

Create a GMX email account: Ideal for professionals, students and all-round internet users

Whether you’re a casual internet user, a busy professional, organised student or even starting your own business – GMX has the solutions you need to keep on top of your emails. If you create a GMX email account, you can create up to 10 alias email addresses, all from the one email account – perfect for those starting a small business. GMX allows you to select a sender name for outgoing emails, and choose which email address to send from. There are also helpful Contacts and Organizer features to help you keep track of clients or appointments. All emails can be encrypted as an option to protect your privacy, which is so important in the current internet climate. GMX includes an antivirus checker in their service as well.

Keep your emails organised, and enjoy additional space and attachment size!


Keeping your email account organised is easy, thanks to a spam filter with adjustable criteria and a dedicated Mail Collector. GMX offers up to 65 GB of free email storage so you don’t have to worry about constantly removing or archiving emails as soon as they arrive in order to maintain space. Another significant bonus of this service is the generous size limit for attachments. GMX is the premier free email provider, allowing attachments of up to 50 MB in emails, free of charge – the largest size limit available from other competitors is just 25 MB.

Keeping track of all your emails is easy thanks to GMX’s MailCheck


GMX email accounts can be connected with the MailCheck browser add on. It’s available for Chrome and Firefox browsers, and the helpful plug-in provides push notifications for incoming emails to keep you always up to date. Quick access is made easy through a single login – you never need to worry about forgetting your password. MailCheck works for multiple email addresses at the same time, gives you a preview of unread emails and offers one-click email access – all completely free of charge.

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