Migration service
from GMX

All your emails and more in one place

  • Get your emails forwarded from previous accounts

  • Store important documents and photos in the cloud
  • Import every contact and calendar entry from other accounts
Import emails into the new GMX mailbox

How does the GMX Migration Service work?

GMX gives every account holder the chance to use our free Mail Collector feature. This lets you merge all your email accounts into one centralised location, which means it’s possible to check the inboxes of your business account and private account simultaneously, or even other accounts from different providers. You can also collate your contacts, entries made in your online calendar, and even files. View all your important information and email accounts in one place on devices such as laptops, phones, or tablets.

Tip: Use the GMX Email app to read and send emails on the go.

Move emails to GMX

Email forwarding made easy

Email forwarding with GMX Mail Collector saves you a great deal of time since you don’t have to log in and out of different accounts to access your emails. With the Mail Collector emails from your other accounts can be transferred to your new email address, meaning you don’t miss anything important. They will either be collected separately within designated folders or simply show up in your inbox – you decide!

Tip: How to set up the GMX Mail Collector

Log in & migrate emails

Import Contacts

See your contacts from all email accounts in one place for free

If you’ve created an email address with GMX but wish to have all your old contacts moved over from a previous account, then the GMX Migration Service can help! Contacts from Gmail, Outlook, or even a different GMX account can easily be imported with a few simple steps. When you do this, be sure to send all your contacts an email to notify them that you’ve changed email address. Don’t leave any contacts behind!

Tip: How to import contacts

Log in & import contacts

Transfer appointments to the Organizer

Getting online appointments transferred

For many people, the days of writing down an appointment or meeting in a physical diary are long gone! The GMX online calendar ensures you can see all of your important dates from any device, at any time. Keep in mind that our migration service isn’t just a way to view all email accounts in one place, but also to transfer contacts and online appointments from your old email accounts. Many of us store a lot of vital information online, which we need to access regularly. So, make use of the GMX Migration Service and transfer all the online dates you already created so that you don’t have to do it all over again!
Simply export the appointments in iCalendar format from your old calendar (e.g. Outlook or Google) and import them into your GMX Organizer. That way you will have all the information you need to access with you – anytime, anywhere.

Tip: How to import appointments into the Organizer

Log in & import appointments

Backing up files in the Cloud

Save urgent documents and photos to the cloud

If your phone is stolen or your laptop suddenly stops working, it can be very hard to get back important files. This is why it’s a great idea to have everything stored in the GMX Cloud after you’ve already created an account and moved over emails, contacts, and online appointments with the GMX Migration Service. You’ll not only have a highly secure server, but you’ll also have the ability to share files with contacts via password protection, rather than having to send separate emails for large attachments .

How to upload files to the cloud

Log in & upload files