GMX spam filter blocks junk emails

The key for a clean mailbox

  • Smart solution for unwanted emails

  • Precise filtering through regular filter updates
  • Blacklist feature for manual spam blocking
Spam filter

A tidy inbox with email spam filters

What is spam?

Got unwanted emails from unknown senders flowing into your inbox? These are spam emails. Their content varies, but if they aren’t trying to sell you something questionable, they’re probably trying to get hold of your personal information such as credit card numbers and passwords. Maybe you signed up to a website, which wasn’t 100% trustworthy and now your email address has been shared with spammers who are trying to catch you off-guard with their annoying emails.

How do I stop spam emails?

Don’t panic! Luckily, there’s a way to stop these nuisance emails and this comes in the form of a spam filter for your email account! A spam filter is a program that recognises junk emails and stops them from finding their way into your inbox: it essentially filters out the junk so you can concentrate on the important emails that you actually want to receive. This saves you time since you don’t have to manually scroll through your emails and delete them one by one.

GMX offers a spam filter free of charge

An inbox full to the brim with rubbish is now a thing of the past thanks to the powerful spam filter from GMX. It works by analysing emails for typical spam characteristics, such as certain words or excessive use of exclamation marks, as well as recognising known spam IP addresses and email addresses. The free spam filter doesn’t cost a penny and you can rest assured that it’s always up-to-date since it’s regularly updated by the GMX team. The GMX spam filter also protects you from dangerous malware that may infiltrate your computer and get hold of sensitive material. This happens if you click on a link in one of the spam emails or open an attachment: this is the fastest way to welcome a virus onto your computer. Without these emails in your inbox, you’re less likely to click on anything suspicious.

There’s also a handy spam filter blacklist feature, which enables you to manually block any persistent scammers that somehow manage to find their way into your inbox and clog it up. Simply add them to the blacklist and that’s the last you’ll hear from them.

No more spam emails to distract you

We understand you don’t want any distractions while you’re trying to work – this is why we developed our spam filter. Receive only the emails you’re expecting and be safe in the knowledge that your inbox is protected from fraudulent, virus-contaminated emails. For even more protection, add GMX’s antivirus software to the package. Half of all emails sent daily are spam emails, so don’t just put up with them, let the GMX spam filter put an end to them!

Help us improve our spam detection capability

At GMX we work hard to improve our system‘s capability to detect unwanted emails even more precisely. Did you know that you can assist our development team easily with this complex task? Manually sorting emails from your inbox to your spam folder (or vice versa) provides lots of valuable information that could be used to train our spam detection system. By granting us permission to analyse those specific emails, you can help us find new criteria that are typical of spam emails. Of course, you have the option to revoke this agreement at any time in your GMX 'Account Settings'. And the best thing: no need to worry about your privacy, as all other emails will not be involved in this learning process!

Please note: The more participants there are, the better our GMX spam filter will perform in the future! Find out more in the GMX Help Center.

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