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Snapchat launches new astrological features

Snapchat has launched new astrological features that show a user's personality traits and how they align with their friends.

Staying connected with friends and family has become more important than ever amid the coronavirus pandemic, and Snapchat has therefore created new features designed to ensure that people feel attached to their loved ones during these uncertain times.

In order to create the concepts, the company partnered with Cosmopolitan US's astrologer, Aurora Tower, which provides chart readings to Snapchatters.

The Astrological Profile is a series of Snaps that cover the ten different planets and an Astrology Profile Summary. Users are able to send these Snaps to their friends and post to their Story.

Meanwhile, the Compatibility Story contains a series of Snaps that cover five aspects - Attraction, Intensity, Tension, Support and Harmony - as well as a compatibility summary.

Again, users can send these Snaps to their friends and post to their Story.

The new features have arrived shortly after a survey found that 39 percent of Snapchat users feel their friendships are more important to them now during the pandemic.

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