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Rugby player develops helmet which can track trauma

A rugby player has developed a wearable hemet which can track head trauma.

Euan Bowen, who played rugby throughout his university life, decided to create the special headwear device, which is able to detect the G-force and record the impact, after his friend suffered three concussions from the game in just one season.

Mr Bowen told Wales Online: "When you see a friend or teammate that just had concussions getting confused with the side-effects that happened from a concussion, you start to take an interest for their welfare but also look deeper into the issue. My friend got three concussions in the course of one season and he was in his final year of university as well, so he had to make the hard decision off the back of that to focus on his career rather than his rugby career.

"That was eye opening … but that inspired the issue that I was already looking into – there must be something that maybe we can be doing just now that negates or removes some of this risk, or which catches this early before something like this was to happen.

"And it happens far too often. I was almost trying to be that solution … trying to understand that if you could catch these impacts before, or even understand what led to that concussion – whether it be multiple impacts, or one big one – then there might be better care, better diagnosis or better return to play, maybe he wouldn’t have had to give up rugby."

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