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Google Maps has some new features rolling out

Google Maps has some new features rolling out

Google Maps is getting some new features, including the Trending list for finding "hot spots" and an AI tool.

The geographical web service is set to roll out some features that will make it possible to find hidden gems and popular places with the Trending list and Gems list.

Google shared in a blog post: "The Trending list is updated weekly with places that have recently seen a spike in popularity on Maps. It’s ideal for helping you discover the latest hot spots.

"The Top list is home to places the Maps community has consistently loved. Come here to find an area’s tried and true, longstanding favorites.

"The Gems list is for places that might be a neighborhood's best kept secret. It's home to great restaurants that still fly under the radar."

Google's AI will allow users to see photos and reviews of restaurants and attractions.

It added: "You can now get a good sense of a place and its highlights at a glance, powered by Google’s AI identifying key insights from the Maps community. Pull up a place on Maps and you’ll see photos and reviews that summarize what people love about it, like a restaurant’s famous tacos or the laid-back vibe at a bar."

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