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New York City Mayor Eric Adams lays out safety measures for robotaxis

New York City Mayor Eric Adams lays out safety measures for robotaxis

New York City will welcome robotaxis - on one condition.

Mayor Eric Adams says a safety driver must be present behind the wheel, and there will also be “a rigorous permitting programme” for self-driving vehicle firms, which will ensure companies are “ready to test their technology in the country’s most challenging urban environment safely and proficiently.”

He told The Verge: “This technology is coming whether we like it or not, so we’re going to make sure that we get it right.”

Meanwhile, in the UK, it was predicted that the first piloted flying taxi could take off in the UK in 2026.

The Department for Transport unveiled its Future of Flight Action Plan believes that by 2030 they will have taxis flying above the ground without pilots.

It also anticipates that drone technology will boost the economy by a whopping £45 billion by 2030.

Aviation and technology minister Anthony Browne said: "Cutting-edge battery technology will revolutionise transport as we know it - this plan will make sure we have the infrastructure and regulation in place to make it a reality.

"From flying taxis to emergency service drones, we're making sure the UK is at the forefront of this dramatic shift in transportation, improving people's lives and boosting the economy."

Back in 2021, it was suggested that flying taxis and robot housekeepers will revolutionise the world.

A panel of experts predicted that a variety of inventions will have changed the world by 2036 - including skin implants to monitor health and holographic teachers.

The analysts also tipped that smart toilets will be able to analyse waste for signs of disease and suggested that burger bars will be serving up protein-rich insect and algae snacks.

The panel, which included the futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson, made the predictions for the NatWest Future Businesses Report.

The most popular prediction was robo-housekeepers to assist humans with menial chores.

Dr. Pearson said: "What was clear to all of us was how a greater interaction with technology is going to revolutionise businesses and transform almost all industries."

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