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Smart ring can unlock your house

Researchers have created a smart ring, which lets you unlock your house, pay for something or gain access to your smartphone.

The team at Tokenize have created the $250 accessory, which comes in three colours - white, black or rose gold - and can last two weeks on a full charge.

In a blog post, Tokenize's CEO Melanie Shapiro said: "Today we announce, Token  -  the product of our combined fear of an internet full of untrusting, fearful, fatigued people. We built Token because we're not OK with a future where people don't feel safe online. We built Token because we too aren't motivated to change our behavior unless we're promised more time, or less work.

"Token is the one place where all of your digital keys live - credit cards, house keys, website credentials, transit cards, car keys, your access badge  - these are all artifacts you use to prove who you are. We built a secure environment for these artifacts to live on from a combination of asymmetric cryptography, biometrics, and a secure element. And we used the engrained behaviour (swiping a card, entering a password, using house keys) as our benchmark for convenience  - we didn't build a feature unless we could make it faster and easier."

The team have been working with the likes of Microsoft, Mastercard and Visa to make the ring - which is waterproof up to 50 metres - compatible with as many companies' software as possible.

She added in the blog post: "And, it's up to you to figure out what you want to use Token to protect, or how you want Token to save you time. We've spent over a year building partnerships with organizations like Microsoft, Mastercard, HID, and Visa to make sure you could make this decision for yourself. And once you do, we think you'll be surprised to find how familiar it feels it use Token."

The Token ring costs $250 and is available to pre-order now.

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