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Dancers give AR dancing lessons

A pair of salsa dancers have created a smartphone app that uses augmented reality to teach people to dance.

The duo - who hail from Seattle, Washington - have unveiled the Dance Reality app, which uses Apple's upcoming Augmented Reality technology to allow everyone to give dancing a go.

Explaining the reason behind the creation of the app, the creators said on their wesbite: "We are two salsa dancers in Seattle who also happen to be app developers. Back when we first started dancing, it took us months of practice just to feel comfortable.

"So when we saw the ARKit demo at Apple's WWDC last month, we quickly realised that this technology would have been of great help to us back then. That's why we want to make it available to dancers everywhere."

However, they insist it is not a substitute for proper dancing lessons but instead a way to practice certain common steps.

They added on their website: "Dance Reality uses Apple's latest Augmented Reality technology to place footprints onto the floor in front of you.

"You look through your phone to step on the footprints, then you follow the animation to practice common dance patterns (see video below). The app is not intended to be a substitute for proper dance instruction, but rather a tool to practice steps and rhythm anywhere, anytime. Practice makes perfect!"

Whilst Andy Albani, one of the app's two developers, added: "When we were beginner dancers, it was difficult to remember the steps while staying on the beat. Using Augmented Reality, we are making it easier for everyone to practice at home. Let us know what you think!"

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