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Panasonic unveil moving fridge

Panasonic have unveiled a prototype of a fridge that serves you.

The multinational corporation showed off their moving refrigerator, which is able to respond to voice commands, at Berlin's Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA).

The fridge has a built in LIDAR and depth sensor, meaning it can navigate its way around the house on its own and avoid objects. It works off voice commands and if someone was to say "fridge come here", it would move out of its storage place and over to the person who called it.

The company think it would be best suited to the elderly or those with mobility issues and they are considering adding a hot plate to the top of the unit to keep food warm as it went from one room to another.

It is not the only household item Panasonic has unveiled, having previously showed off a special clothes hanger that gets rid of bad smells.

And another Japanese electronics company are working on the Laundroid, a robot that automatically folds laundry.

Writing about the product on their website, they shared: "A new way to liberate your loved one ... We live in an age of automation - automatic washer dryers, automatic dishwashers and lately, even automatic vacuum cleaners. We see laundry folding as the next area of housework that you should be liberated from by automation.

"Just put your dried laundry in, and a robot will fold it beautifully. An artificial intelligence will remember the features of the clothes, and sort them into separate shelves for each member of the family. The dedicated app manages data and images. It will also suggest clothing coordinations. Liberate your loved one from the time and bother of housework. A new relationship between people and clothing - That's what laundroid is about."

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