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A new app could help keep women safe on dates

A new app has been created to protect women when online dating.

Emma Sayle, who is the founder of elite hookup club Killing Kittens, has developed the SafeDate app to give women an easy way to share their dating plans with friends and alert them if something goes wrong whilst meeting up with a stranger they met through online dating.

SafeDate launches on Tuesday (03.07.18) for iOS and Android devices, and can be used in conjunction with dating apps such as Tinder, and allows women to get their friends to check in on them if they don't hear from them.

Once the user has created a profile on the app, you can then add details of the person you're planning on meeting, as well as the details of your planned date.

Then, you add a safe friend, with whom you can share the details of the date with, and if you don't check in to the location at an agreed time, the friend will be notified that something has gone wrong.

Emma said of the app: "Ultimately, as a friend, you are best placed to know when to elevate a concern to the next level."

But Emma notes the important thing is that women who have experienced sexual violence report the incidents to police, as apps won't make it any easier to speak to someone if something does happen.

She is quoted by Wired as saying: "We are seeing a massive increase in reports of rape and sexual violence, but we are not seeing an increase in convictions and charging, so we have a problem. Apps like this might help with a tiny number of incidents of sexual violence but they won't solve the problem of people not reporting it, or the crisis in help services.

"At the end of the day, you can't stop someone being raped or killed or held hostage. And these are consenting adults, we can't tell them what to do - but if we can put people off by having them think twice by seeing the SafeDate logo and have girls feel safer knowing that someone is keeping track of where they are, then that's a move in the right direction."

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