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Twitter is 'banning 1m accounts per day'

Twitter has reportedly been banning more than 1 million accounts a day.

The micro blogging website is said to be continuing its battle against fake and abusive profiles after coming under some heavy criticism from users.

As reported by the Washington Post, the company has suspended around 70 million accounts over May and June, and the purge is said to still be ongoing.

According to the publication, the clean-up is focused on automated and spam profiles, the likes of which are either run by software or designed to lead the user to affiliate links to make money for the owners.

It is part of Twitter's continuing goal to clean up the social networking website, and the company recently outlined the efforts it has been making.

The firm claimed it discovered and questioned 9.9 million accounts for spamming or being automated, and in a recent blog post, it also added that daily reports of spam dropped by 8,000 to 17,000 between March and May this year.

Twitter's blog post read: "Due to technology and process improvements during the past year, we are now removing 214% more accounts for violating our spam policies on a year-on-year basis.

"At the same time, the average number of spam reports we received through our reporting flow continued to drop -- from an average of approximately 25,000 per day in March, to approximately 17,000 per day in May.

"We've also seen a 10% drop in spam reports from search as a result of our recent changes. These decreases in reports received means people are encountering less spam in their timeline, search, and across the Twitter product."

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