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Love-teaching robot launched

A robot has been launched which can teach humans how to be compassionate.

Japanese startup Groove X unveiled the Lovot on Tuesday (18.12.18) in Tokyo.

Whilst the automated companion is able to help humans with their housework, the company's CEO, Kaname Hayashi, says it's main aim is to "draw out your ability to love".

Lovebot, which is priced at £2,500 and looks like a toy penguin, uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to interact with emotions.

The robot even falls asleep when cuddle and shown affection.

Hayashi previously worked on Pepper, SoftBank's robot which has been revived as a cleaning robot.

The tech giant are known for creating the world's first funeral robot - a Buddhist priest in robot form - and they unveiled Whiz, a floor-cleaning machine for businesses, which will go on sale in February.

Weighing in at 32 kilograms, the machine is powered by self-driving software by startup Brain Corp, which is part of SoftBank's $1 billion Vision Fund, and isn't quite as chatty as its predecessor.

Companies will be able to hire out Whiz for 25,000 yen ($221) a month.

That's less than talkative robot Pepper, which costs 50,000 yen (about $450) for each funeral.

During the launch for the new robot in Tokyo on Monday (19.11.18), Eugene Izhikevich, founder and chief executive of Brain, commented: "At Brain, we want to see the future where robots are everywhere.

"We want to enable this revolution."

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