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Microsoft to unveil new HoloLens

Microsoft will reportedly reveal their new HoloLens headset this month.

The tech giants are expected to unveil the new version of their headset during the Mobile World Congress on February 24, after the date was promoted in a new video published by HoloLens' creator Alex Kipman.

The 42-second clip is titled "2.24.19 MWC" and features artistic shots of wires, before cutting to a screen showing the date.

Whilst nothing is given away in the video, it's thought it could be referencing a new HoloLens because Alex Kipman, who posted the footage, created the original device.

The planned release of a new headset for 2019 was leaked last year, when it was revealed the codename for the project was Sydney.

At the time, the device was expected to be lighter, more comfortable, and sport a better display than the original model.

The sensors are updated, and Microsoft has confirmed that it will include an updated Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) with AI acceleration capabilities.

According to ARS Technina, the processor is believed to be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 850, replacing the Intel Atom of the first-generation unit.

The new version of the HoloLens comes as Microsoft has sold out of original HoloLens units. Neither the developer kit nor the commercial version is available to buy.

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